Why bother learning marxism?

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Now, seriously, why would you want to learn Marxism? The straight answer is: you wouldn’t. What you would want to learn are the basics of the economics, the science about the laws that govern our life, pops up around in visible forms, and hurts everyone starting from Bush’s war games and Enron and to the moronic management of the company, you are working for.


Marxism for Exploiters

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You always wanted to make money. But then, once on a party, you overheard a conversation. A stately man, looking like a professor from the local university, mentioned that modern societies are divided into two classes of people: the ones who make money, and the ones who are getting all these money. Suddenly, idea of making money stopped looking so attractive and you started to consider the means to join the second group.


MEMO – Don’t Tell Me Your Lies

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To: My Manager
Subject: Answer to Tom Peters

Don’t tell me lies. Never tell me lies. I cannot accept your lies


In the Defense of the Intelligent Design Theory

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Let’s see, when they argue against the intelligent design theory, their main argument is: “Look at human body! There are so many ultimately stupid design problems in it, that it’s simply incomprehensible that it may be designed by an intelligent being!”

Do you see the assumption here? The assumption here is that intelligent beings cannot create stupid design. Have you ever used PC software?


“Are you a writer or a writer?” A question to aspiring authors.

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You work hard, you work really hard. You put your soul into your writing and aspire one day to be a great writer like Alexandre Dumas, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Lord Byron, or Count Leo Tolstoy. Or maybe, Mark Twain or Edgar Alan Poe. But day after day, month after month, editors, agents and publishers continuously reject your work.



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With this post I am starting the blog and the site Eldar University. It will be devoted to three main topics: Corporate environment as a natural evolutionary playground with co-evolution of […]