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Werewolves Guarded My Sleep

Just got back from the vacation. Only a week long, too short…

“To the best of my knowledge
US is the only country in the world
where vacations are measured by hours.”

As usual I went to a Native Americans reservation La Push to the west of Seattle on Olympic Peninsula.

Colorful Sunset, La Push, WA

So, what about werewolves? Simple. There was a movie “Twilight” about a year ago. How I found later, based on a popular book series with the first one under the same title. Frankly, I did not read the book and I did not watch the movie either. AFAIK, some regular Hollywood vampire stuff. Although, I have to admit, there is enough twilight and mists in the area. Like this:


Or, this:

Mists, La Push

Of course, there was enough sun too:


And under the sun there are many more beautiful things to see, especially during the low tide:

Sea Stars

Back to werewolves. In both the movie and the book, a small town Forks is the places where vampires live. Actually, that’s the closest place with a supermarket, so I was dropping by to shop and get the right kind of gas for the car. One hotel even has an ad: “Edward Cullen did not sleep here!”

Also, according to the book, nearby tribe of Native American were werewolves and enemies of vampires. For anybody local or visiting the place as often as I do, that’s a very clear hint: Quileute tribe believes it originated from wolves and La Push is their home.

The area heavily commercialize the movie popularity and on the way from Forks (and highway 101) to La Push, about 7 miles to each, near a small restaurant, store and gas station there is a road sign: “Treaty Line: No Vampires Beyond This Point!”

No Vampires

So, such a romantic place, and no vampires even in a New Moon:

New Moon, La Push, WA

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