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Guns and morons

I just could not resist the temptation and answered on the friend’s blog to his “Guns and morons” post:

Geeze, Serge, as somebody who has two great colleges under the belt you sure should know better than mixing up privilege and right, legally, two quite different concepts.

As long as gun ownership is the right, it should be treated as a right like the right to vote. Lets apply your logic to the right to vote.

1. Does most of the population has brains to vote? As a voting citizen of this great country who was disappointed with the results of voting over and over again, I don’t feel so. Morons are not just on gun boards, that’s a landmark of any great civilization that has enough food to feed everybody. While USA is a great example, it’s not the only one. Think of USSR…

2. Consequences of morons exercising their right to vote are actually more dire than the consequences of the right to own guns. 2000 and 2004 elections left us with two wars with thousands of US casualties, and if you add dead Iraqis and Afgan people any firearm casualties stats in US will look like a statistical error.

So, following your liberal logic, we should prohibit voting. It’s definitely not safe for public.

You see the problem? Rights are not supposed to be safe.

That said, I agree with you that morons will be at the heart of misusing any right people get.

I just disagree on focusing it on firearms theme. I don’t think that in “moron+gun” the problem is the gun. Just like in “moron+voting”, “moron+car”, “moron+alcohol” or even “moron+ability to procreate”.

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