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Why bother learning marxism?

Now, seriously, why would you want to learn Marxism? The straight answer is: you wouldn’t. What you would want to learn are the basics of economics, the science about the laws that govern our life, which pops up around in visible forms, and hurts everyone in various forms starting from Bush’s war games and Enron, to the moronic management of the company you are working for. The truth is that there are basically only two models of economics: monetary, represented by Keynes and his followers, and class theory, mostly famous for its Marxism offspring, but also represented by a multitude of various socialists including modern governments of such countries as France, Germany or Sweden.

To make things worse, supporters of these economic schools hate each other and don’t admit that the other group has a point. Normally, they criticize ideologies, created based on their opponent’s models, and examples of their poor application. Say, the Keynes theory applied to Russia as a recovery after the “terrible Marxist rule” has already cost this country more in population than World War II. In case you didn’t know, according to the official data, in World War II, Russia lost about twenty million people. Yes, “million”, like one with six zeros afterward. And, well, the “Marxist rule” was no picnic either.

However, these examples have nothing to do with the validity of either of these theories. The only thing they show is that no matter what the theory is, there will always be a nitwit who, with oblivious faith, will put it on his banner and implement in the worst possible way with a maximum possible damage. If you want to criticize something with such examples, start with Justice, which is, in all likeness, the #1 reason for unjust things done by the people of this world to each other.

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