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Marxism for Exploiters

With this post I am opening a series of articles devoted to… well, read and see, if you have not guessed yet… Oh, and eventually it may become a book.

You always wanted to make money. But then once, at a party, you overheard a conversation. A stately man, looking like a professor from the local university, mentioned that modern societies are divided into two classes of people: the ones who make money, and the ones who are getting all that money. Suddenly, the idea of making money stopped looking so attractive and you started to consider the means to join the second group.

Further research showed that the professor referred to Marxism, a dreadful theory practiced by Soviets, Chinese and a bunch of other guys, whom you know being bad from mass media propaganda. Probably, Bin Laden too,… no, wait, he was something different… Anyway, you decide, you gonna do what you gotta do. After all, if it is so dreadful, it should be efficient, so you pick up “Das Kapital” in the local library and find out that the guy wrote it in German. Oh my, you certainly don’t have the time for German. So, you pick up the translation, go on and read several pages, and suddenly German does not look that bad. Yes, Karl Marx’s “The Capital” is not a light reading, not at all. In fact, you would not like any classic edition to be dropped on your foot. That’s two thick and heavy volumes written in as heavy a style as the books physically are.

So what are you going to do? Read this book instead. This is not a “for dummies” book. First, in author’s opinion, real dummies are out of reach for a help. Second, you don’t have time to read “for dummies” books. They may have lighter style, but they are still thick. This book is light and easy, and it’s short. In plain English it explains the essence of Karl Marx’s socioeconomic model.

This book does not cover Marxist ideology, it is only about the rational basis of Marxism, its socioeconomic model. Even more, when Marx patches his model with pieces of ideology, we dared to replace it with something more scientific based on modern data. Of course, such places are clearly identified.

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