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With this post I am starting the blog and the site Eldar University. It will be devoted to three main topics:

  • Corporate environment as a natural evolutionary playground with co-evolution of hosts and parasites, and what does it mean for execs, managers, and employees — how it affects business strategy, corporate management and individual careers.
  • Evolutaionary marxism. Most people don’t get marxism. I do. It’s not that hard. I’ll show you. And it’s not that bad either, especially if you drop that class struggle thingy. If you think it’s not a marxism, feel free to call it by my name.
  • Materialistic theology. I was born an atheist. I grew with the Faith in Science. And then Science showed me God.

Anyway, welcome here. If you stick around, we may become friends. If not, good luck wherever you go.



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